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Oct 7, 2019

? : When I run a program on Leadership Presence- a partner or director of the firm will set the context and give examples of leaders and their impact. 90% of the time they have entirely missed mentioning a woman in the list of leadership examples. And ofcourse the usual folks on the list are Steve Jobs, Nadella, Virat know the rest.😅 So I'm beginning to curate a series on women leaders from around the world, from different walks of life. Business, sports, science, art, technology, journalism and order to build my own awareness on women leaders and share more diverse success stories with our own leaders in corporate India. In no particular order I'm starting with Anjali Sud. I am truly in awe that she became at age 34 the CEO of Vimeo! And she's a great speaker! Listen to her interview on to know lots more about her journey from growing up in Flint, Michigan with her immigrant parents, getting a scholarship to attend a great school at becoming CEO of #vimeo.Let me know your thoughts on this... #womenwholead #womenleaders #leadershio #csuite #ceo #successstory #comfortzone #createopportunities #getoutofyourcomfortzone #business #online #thefutureisfemale #yukiellias

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