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What do you feel when a facilitator says the words "role play"?

May 19, 2022

Oh no! 😅
I feel you :) It's that moment we move from theory and observation to the actual hard work of practice. It's tough to become a swimmer by just sitting on side of the pool watching others. You have to get in to the water. We have to simulate the conditions of space travel before we launch that rocket for real. You create new ways of making experimenting, failing and tweaking recipes. We search for what works by doing and by practice.

Doing helps us realise our strengths and development areas. Practice helps us turn the development area into a strength.

Here are photos from our work in manager conversation skills. Small pods for roleplay practice with super actor facilitators who coach leaders in their practice. We make it a supportive space so the "Oh no" moment turns into a "Oh!! I can try that!"

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