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And just like that half a year has gone by!

Jun 18, 2021

Today at our session we explored the value of “Pausing” . One minute, twenty minutes, three deep breaths- pausing is something so hard for us to do since we have been rewarded so much of our lives to be fast thinkers, speedy solvers, and the “I know all the answers” expert.
The Pause (even if for just three breaths) allows for us to 1) Hear and see the world more deeply 2) Reflect and have more choices in how we want to respond to situations and people 3) Think inward, to be in touch with our own inner voice, to engage with our dilemmas and musings.
If these 6 months have hit you like lightning – do try and take a pause. Breathe in and out. And once again. Be brave to breathe one more time before jumping to share an opinion, diving to decisions, or having to being fabulous all the time. Pause for one minute, twenty minutes, or even three deep breaths.

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