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A friend who's studying a comedy writing course in Canada sent me some of his notes and the chapter "the Will to Risk from

Sep 22, 2019

It takes so much courage to try and create something, anything...and most of the time we inhibit ourselves from even starting...we judge ourselves with the first line and give up. In the chapter the author says you have to just begin, let it pour, set your sights lower even if it just helps you to start writing. Once you're able to put material out you've crossed the first phase and now you can build your skills to edit, improve, craft, take feedback etc. Most important you have material to work with and the creative muscles are in action. He says you should celebrate the little victories....I agree! It's true for writing and for anything really.... #smallvictories #dontstop #beingcreative #pursueyourpassion #makeit #mylibrary #readinghabits #creativetools #bookshelves #readmore

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